The Technology:

To ensure the highest quality print possible, the original transparency is first scanned using a drum scanner and sized appropriately for printing. Using red, green, and blue lasers, the Lightjet then prints the scan onto archival paper. The exposed paper is then processed using the same chemistry as any other color photograph. Several years ago digital imaging pioneer Bill Atkinson challenged world-renowned landscaper photographer Galen Rowell to let him print some of Galen's most difficult transparencies using a completely new type of printer.

"Bill invited me to bring a few of my favorite originals, including those most difficult to print... when I returned we made proofs that surpassed the best photographic prints I'd ever seen. Using some of my transparencies that had been damaged, we ended up with Lightjet prints that were far better than the best analog prints I had ever made."

Galen Rowell, as well as nearly every fine art landscape photographer working today, now prints exclusively using Lightjet technology. We are constantly testing new printing methods - Lambda, Chromira, etc, but have yet to find any that can match the quality of a lightjet print. This is simply the finest color photographic print available today.

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