A good camera can no better take a great photograph than a good type writer can write a great novel...

I am often asked what goes into making the photographs on this website. In my most scholarly tone, I should reply, "Mastery of the technical aspects of exposure, the aesthetic aspects of composition and firm comprehension of how various elements like depth of focus, perspective control, lens selection, filtration, and film characteristics, among other things, all work in concert to make a compelling image."

While training your eye to see as your camera does, that is to say the ability to isolate compositions from the bigger picture, as well as being able to properly read the light to obtain the exposure values that will yield the desired feel, are important skills to be sure, more important still are perseverance and a real love of the natural world we all share. Truth be told, it's a little waking up early or staying out late, a little dealing with weather and critters, some technical proficiency, and a whole lot of luck. Sometimes the light cooperates, sometimes it doesn't - that's just the way it goes. To borrow from one of the great masters of photography,

To make some of the photographs on this site, I've dealt with long hikes, wild animals, freezing temperatures, precipitation, and long hikes in freezing temperatures among wild animals in the rain. I've gotten myself into some pretty tight spots, but wouldn't trade a single moment of it. I've been fortunate enough to experience some of the most dramatic landscapes on this planet, and the people I've met along the way have been as colorful as the images I've captured.

So, in an attempt to answer the question, "What goes into making the photographs on this website," I've assembled some photos here and will describe not only what made the image, but what went into making the image.

The time I devote to recording the beauty of the natural world is very special to me. It affords me the opportunity to reconnect with nature and to disassociate myself from the chaos of the times in which we live. I've loved every minute - warm or cold, wet or dry - spent making these photographs... I hope you enjoy the stories behind the images as much as I enjoyed living through them.

---Stories on Making the Images---