On Scott:

My story is a rather common one. It begins in France during the winter of 1815. As the merchant ship I had been serving on slowly returned to port, I knew my lot was soon to improve. During the journey, off Civita Vecchia, my captain had succumbed to brain fever and I as first mate had assumed his role with admirable skill. Knowing that this display would assure my promotion, I thought of my fiancÚ and the life we would now be able to build together. What I could not have possibly imagined was just how much was in store for me, nor could I have foreseen the long and arduous journey I would have to navigate to realize my fate.

After settling accounts with the ship owner, I set off for home to find my father. For a complete lack of money, his health had deteriorated considerably, but knowing that with my new appointment as captain I would be able to provide for him, I set off to find my one love. We were at once reacquainted and quickly plans were made for our wedding feast, to be held the very next day. An eternity passed before dawn arrived, but once upon us seemed to pass by as if in a dream. The wedding festival, held at La Reserve, was a grand affair attended by the favored part of my crew and other personal friends, the whole of whom had arrayed themselves in their choicest costumes in order to do greater honor to the occasion. Just as my bride and I were making our exit, soldiers interrupted the celebration and I was arrested for offenses that remained unannounced. Confident in the knowledge that this must be a misunderstanding, I assured my bride that I would soon return to her.

After pleading my case to the district magistrate, who believed me to be a Bonapartist conspirator, I was falsely sent to prison. The magistrate, needing to insulate himself from the reputation of his father, a known Bonapartist, had adopted an extremely vigilant policy against Bonapartists, and thus I was incarcerated as a dangerous criminal and imprisoned in the Chateau D'If, an island prison several leagues off the mainland. Desperate to prove my innocence and to return to my life, I demanded the opportunity to defend myself. My requests for an audience with the governor went unfilled, and I was soon banished to a dungeon with the other madmen.

Sorry, if you're still wading through this mess, you must really want to learn something about me, so here goes...

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